• Giveaway Winner

    tumblr_n087mrGUNg1ru5s0ao1_500Random photo from tumblr of busy people.

    Sorry for the slight delay of seven days. Been a little busy. However, I have found the winner, through the wonderful website random.org,who is; Helle Dannemand. Many congratulations to you Helle! I have sent you an email. And thank you so much to all of you for being a part of my little give-away. I will of course return with another give-away soon x  Have a good Monday!

  • Monday Mumbles


    ❤ 01. I took above photo a wee month ago when all trees were mostly naked. Spring is finally really here and I can’t wait for it to become warmer. I normally don’t mind winter so much but this year it’s been bugging me a bit. So yay, summer here we go!

    ❤ 02. Remember reading about my ups and downs? Well I passed my re-exam and with a good grade too. So I’m very happy about that {self-pat-on-back}. Now there’s only two months till the next exams lol…

    ❤ 03. I haven’t written a tv-show review in like forever. It’s odd really since I do like writing about it because I love tv-shows. Or well, good tv-shows. Although I guess that is a matter of opinion! I’m working on a few at the moment. I will share them soon.

    ❤ 04. I’m very tired today or right now and it’s only 9pm!! I’m clearly getting older. Gonna head to bed in a bit so I can go twerk tomorrow. Oh, and by twerk I mean work. Twerk is what my mate and I call work just to spice it up a little ya know.

    Hope your Monday was good! x

  • Be Okay

    This song by “Oh Honey” is one of the most happy and I-want-it-to-be-summer-now kinda of songs I’ve heard in a while. It’s on repeat at the moment. I love it! So naturally I had to share it.

  • Kanebo Lotion II


    As most people who follows this blog or know me, I am a huge Origins fan. However, recently my skin tonic {tonic lotion} United State ran out and I desperately needed a new one. But I didn’t really see myself spending 250 DKK on a new one at the given time. Then I remembered I had gotten this “Kanebo Cellular Performance Lotion II” a few years ago. I never opened it and therefor it was pretty much brand new. I decided to give it ago instead and save the money!

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  • Am I the Origins fairy?

  • Girl on a wire


    I’m sitting at our campus library making this re-exam my bitch.
    Or at least I’m trying to. Happy Monday!

  • New in: Tripp Trapp Coaster


    This table was in serious need of coasters.  I never thought I’d write about coasters. But here I am mentioning them. Only because I think they are pretty. Prettier than the average boring coaster. These are pretty teak coasters which are now mine. Does this make me old? Perhaps. But hey I’m closing in on 30!


  • Ups & Downs

    30feddaa9ae611e39b0b120baf64fd93_8Sorry for the extremely sexy foot/ankle picture

    It’s so cliché to say that life has ups and downs. But it surely does. Lately it’s been a lot of downs for me. Last week I somehow managed to twist my ankle and although it hurt like a bitch and it still feels weird walking up and down stairs, this was not the largest ‘down’. In early February I failed an exam. I remember how I felt when I found out. I felt so lost and confused. I have never failed anything at UNI before and it hit me hard. My mom re-assured me that you can’t go through life without failing. And I mean, I know that, I just didn’t think I’d fail here.

    It was a little weird… I failed an exam where I felt so very sure that I would pass. Whereas another exam where I was almost shitting myself knowing I wouldn’t pass – I actually passed.  Maybe that’s what it takes? I have to be nervous in order to pass? The world is sometimes rather strange. The day I found out I failed it made me question if I even feel at home studying what I do. It made me question my decisions. I reflected a lot and I honestly am not still sure of the answer. I love the communicating aspect of my studies, and I know it is something along those lines I want to do with my life. I just questioned if this is the right way.

    All in all what I am most scared of is letting my mom down. Because for as long as I remember she has always said I should get a degree. And I do want one. But do I want this one? I’ve already changed my mind before and I don’t regret it one bit. I studied English at Copenhagen University before I ended up at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). And CBS is where I want to be. Maybe I’m just confused. Because I do like what I study – I think it’s rather interesting! I actually used to be scared of letting my father down – but last year he told me he didn’t care what I did as long as it made me happy. And sometimes I don’t know if I’m happy. That sometimes is now. But I think it’s because of my whole predicament; I miss my boyfriend. I failed an exam. I was scared I had an illness, which I didn’t have thankfully, and I am confused. 

    Right this moment I am working on my re-exam. Its hard for me to really focus on it. I’m not sure why. I do try. This, writing here, is my break whilst eating a sandwich and having the TV on in the background. Tomorrow I’m going to the library, I find it easier to study there sometimes. Less distractions and all.

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve been so honest here. My blog used to be the place where I would and could unload my sometimes crazy thoughts – That’s back now. This blog started out as a place to share my life with my family, a place to vent, a place to share loads of photos and feelings and a place to write about anything and everything. Oooh and movies!

    Thank you for reading – I hope you will have a great weekend!